Dry plaster is considered to be some gypsum-based building system and is a widespread, modern solution in indoor and outdoor constructions.

The technological development of materials used today in drywall systems, but also the flexibility and freedom they offer, make them a reliable and quality solution, which constantly replaces heavy construction, in all living spaces.

The dry construction responds with excellent performance to the structural requirements of modern constructions, both in terms of their design and in terms of their aesthetics.

Dry construction systems include:

  • Suspended ceilings
  • Interior and exterior masonry
  • Internal and external investments

With capabilities of thermal insulation, protection against moisture, sound insulation, and fire resistance.

In the same category can be included the various constructions for installation of lighting means.

  • Downlights
  • Spot (spotlighting)
  • Backlighting

But it is not only these construction possibilities of dry construction. The wide variety of raw materials and new technology materials that make their appearance more and more often, allow the manufacture of various shapes and shapes, implementing any kind of design desire!

Artion Techniki

Κατασκευές ξηράς δόμησης κάθε είδους, τύπου και μορφολογίας, από γυψοσανίδεςτσιμεντοσανίδες, ινοσανίδες Guardex, ανθυγρές γυψοσανίδες και λοιπές δομικές πλάκες (ακουστικές πλάκες, διάτρητες πλάκες, πλάκες οροφών ορυκτής ίνας, βινυλικές ή πλενόμενες πλάκες, οροφές από λωρίδες αλουμινίου κ.α.), για την επικάλυψη ή επένδυση τοίχων, οροφών και προσόψεων, ή τη δημιουργία νέων χωρισμάτων εσωτερικού χώρου ιδιωτικής ή επαγγελματικής χρήσης.

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