< Ελλ. άρτιος; ζυγός (αριθμός), τέλειος; συγγ. λατινικά ars τέχνη, σανσκριτικά arthya ταιριαστός, πλούσιος


Artion Construction was created in 2013 under the name Zefi BROS, in Athens. From the beginning, our vision has been and remains, to create a company in the field of drywall construction, which has a continuous upward trend.


For us, the commitment to the triptych CONSISTENCY - QUALITY - RELIABILITY is what helps us achieve unparalleled quality in our work, while at the same time the constant search for innovation in materials and equipment leads us daily to improve our reliability in delivery and aesthetics. result.

Our commitment to a high level of service and competitive prices in the field of drywall construction and thermal insulation, is our main concern. Our experience in the application of dry construction systems but also our specialization in the installation of thermal insulation systems are not the only characteristics that we have gained from our many years of presence in the area.

We have the required flexibility and professionalism of a well-trained staff, which creates for you, according to your needs and desires, responsibly, a quality and even result in your space.

At Artion Construction we treat every customer with courtesy and respect, since for us it is special and our ultimate goal is to meet their needs. Every project we undertake, from the smallest to the largest, always has our undivided attention and care.

We are the right choice if you want:

  • Top quality
  • Performance
  • Speed ​​in implementation
  • Specialization in demanding projects and constructions
  • Company that covers all of Greece with experienced teams and well-trained staff.

Artion Techniki

Κατασκευές ξηράς δόμησης κάθε είδους, τύπου και μορφολογίας, από γυψοσανίδεςτσιμεντοσανίδες, ινοσανίδες Guardex, ανθυγρές γυψοσανίδες και λοιπές δομικές πλάκες (ακουστικές πλάκες, διάτρητες πλάκες, πλάκες οροφών ορυκτής ίνας, βινυλικές ή πλενόμενες πλάκες, οροφές από λωρίδες αλουμινίου κ.α.), για την επικάλυψη ή επένδυση τοίχων, οροφών και προσόψεων, ή τη δημιουργία νέων χωρισμάτων εσωτερικού χώρου ιδιωτικής ή επαγγελματικής χρήσης.

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