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If you are in the process of building or renovating a building, choosing the right building materials is important. Masonry and ceilings must be stable but also durable.

The application of dry building systems for both roofs and masonry is now widespread. Although there are drawbacks to choosing drywall systems, the advantages are far greater. Therefore, it is perfectly normal for most offices, shops, hotels, and homes today to be built of drywall systems.

However, before choosing them, it is good to know their advantages and disadvantages.


  • Plasterboard is installed faster, which reduces construction time.
  • It has fire resistance, as the plaster prevents the spread of fire.
  • With the final finishing (plastering) the surfaces are reinforced and strengthened.
  • Gypsum board has a high efficiency in relation to its cost.
  • It can be used for the construction of masonry and ceilings but also as a divider, or to build shelves, benches and anything else imaginable. It can be removed and
  • installed with great ease, while it is cut and applied in all sizes and shapes. This means that repairs to damage are very easy.
  • With plasterboard ceilings and walls, there is the possibility of various options for hidden lighting and architectural visual interventions, while we can post whatever we
  • want with great ease.
  • There are various materials that in combination with the plasterboard give the constructions sound insulation, waterproofing, thermal insulation etc.



The installation of a drywall system should only be done by qualified personnel.
Poor placement reduces both the functional and the aesthetic result.
They can be easily damaged by water, so when applied near areas where moisture develops, we use waterproof gypsum boards, or cement boards, which are more resistant to water, and which of course with the reinforcement of suitable materials acquire the required waterproofing properties. .
Plasterboard masonry systems may not be as durable, especially if used in areas with heavy traffic. To compensate for this disadvantage we often use denser framing and / or double or even triple plasterboard coating.

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